About CloudCloth®

CloudCloth® is an eco-conscious british brand founded in 2017, our HQ is run from a cabin in a little corner of the Lancashire countryside.

CloudCloth really came about by chance. Our founder was looking to develop a small business from home after her youngest son had settled into school and at the same time started with a reactive form of urticaria, resulting in raised red welts on her skin. A friend suggested moving from granular exfoliants to muslin cloth, when looking online she realised there might be an opportunity to supply cloth from the UK, soon after attempts were made to see if any of the mills still operating in the UK were producing muslin.

There was one manufacturer with a long heritage in textiles that presented a few options. One fabric in particular offered the perfect solution; it was a very soft, cloud-like fabric, almost like cotton wool, and the back of the cloth was woven like muslin.  This cloth had been used in skincare many moons ago, long before disposable wipes exploded onto the market.

The cloth offered not only the gentle buff qualities of muslin but also the smoother side that offered a really gentle cleanse. A few months were spent trialing the cloth, and three years on CloudCloth is sold widely across the UK and more recently Italy, Spain and America.

The brand has very recently reached an important milestone; our organic CloudCloth recently went into production and we have now switched over to 100% certified organic cotton.