The CloudCloth® Difference

Why does CloudCloth have two different sides?

The double-sided construction has a dual purpose. Use either side according to your skins specific need. The soft napped side offers a gentle comforting cleanse and the woven side helps to gently exfoliate.

Why is CloudCloth so thin?

CloudCloth is lightweight and thin in construction making it easy to target specific areas, manoeuvre with precision and glide over the skin.

Why does my cleanser sit on top of my CloudCloth and not absorb in to it?

This is a feature that our professional customers love. CloudCloth doesn’t easily soak up cleanser like most thicker cloths and flannels, minimising loss of product and ensuring it gets exactly where you want it. Simply rinsing the cloth and utilising both sides while you cleanse ensures a complete removal of cleanser.

Does this mean that my cleanser stays on my skin after cleansing?

No. You rinse the cloth after massaging your cleanser into skin with the soft napped side and then wipe skin clean of all product. It means that when you first apply product it doesn't all get lost to the cloth.  The gliding action of CloudCloth allows you to fully massage your cleanser into skin.

What is the woven side of my CloudCloth for and why doesn’t it feel fluffy like the other side?

The woven provides a gentle exfoliating action, its great for gently removing heavy make-up too.

What is the soft side of my CloudCloth for?

The fluffy, napped side of the CloudCloth offers a really comforting gentle cleanse which is great for sensitive skin types. It is also great to glide over the surface of your face and neck as a comforting post-cleanse wipe.


The CloudCloth Product

 What is CloudCloth made from?

Our cloths are made from 100% organic cotton.

Where is CloudCloth made?

CloudCloth is manufactured in the UK, working in partnership with an established textile factory in the North of England.

Is CloudCloth natural/organic?

Made from 100% organic cotton, a natural fibre. 

Is CloudCloth environmentally friendly?

We support the sustainability of our environment in three important ways.

  1. Using organic cotton and ensuring CloudCloth is multi-use, rather than throw-away. 
  2. Sourcing our product from UK-based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, reducing the carbon footprint within our supply chain.
  3. Manufacturing using more environmentally viable materials, such as recyclable packaging.

Can I recycle my used CloudCloth?

CloudCloths are a re-usable product and would recommend that customers use them for as long as possible before discarding. However, if your cloth has come to the end of its useable life, please recycle via a local textile-recycling scheme. Search for your local scheme via WRAP’s (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) online search tool at www.recyclenow.com 

Getting the most out of your CloudCloth®

What is the best way to maintain my CloudCloth face cloths over time?

We have compiled a pdf that covers everything you need to know please click the link here to download 'The Comprehensive Guide to Caring for your CloudCloths'

 How do I remove heavy make-up and masks with my CloudCloth?

CloudCloth can be used throughout your skincare routine as a replacement for throw-aways and can cope with even the most heavy of make-up and mask removal. You may prefer to use certain CloudCloths for first cleanse, makeup removal. Using discoloured cloths for the dirty bit and white cloths to clarify is an effective way of guaranteeing everything is removed.

Do CloudCloths stain easily?

CloudCloths are white, super fine and made of organic cotton which is a natural fibre. Unfortunately make-up stains are inevitable, especially if you are using them to remove full makeup. A solution to this is to build a collection of two sets of CloudCloths. Use one set of cloths for removing makeup and have another set of non-stained cloths to cleanse. It’s nicer to complete the second step with a fresh cloth and means you can be sure you have definitely removed all the makeup.

It helps to quickly rub mascara stains off under the tap as you wipe off, this reduces build up of heavy stains.

Can I use CloudCloth if I have sensitive skin?

CloudCloth can be used for all skin types. For very sensitive, or damaged skin, you may want to reduce the pressure applied when using the woven side, to minimise the exfoliating action. Alternatively, use the soft side only on these areas.

What if I have acne, can I use CloudCloth?

CloudCloth can be used for all skin types. For areas of broken or damaged skin, you may want to reduce the pressure applied when using the woven side to minimise the exfoliating action. Alternatively, use the soft side only on these areas. Ensuring your cloth is machine-washed after every use will help minimise the spread of bacteria that could cause further outbreaks.

My CloudCloth came with a hairband, what’s this for?

This is our little gift to you…use the hairband to help secure hair away from the main cleansing area around your face and neck.

Care instructions for your CloudCloth

How do I care for my CloudCloth®?

Wash in your normal 30°C to 60°C cotton cycle.

How long can I use CloudCloth for before machine washing?

Dependant on your skin’s condition and how you use your CloudCloth, rinsing thoroughly under hot water can extend the time between machine washes (and help preserve the planet’s resources).

Will my CloudCloth shrink during washing?

You may experience slight shrinkage during washing and tumble drying. Don’t worry, we’ve allowed for this in the sizing. Any reduction won’t compromise the effectiveness of your CloudCloth.

What can I do to help retain the original look, feel and texture of my CloudCloth?

You may find that your cloth looks and feels a little different after use and washing, especially in hard water areas or with some detergents. This won’t affect the performance of your CloudCloth and once wet again, the texture will offer the same benefits as before.

Tumble-drying will help to soften your CloudCloth and raise the nap on the fluffy side. Alternatively, why not look in to environmentally friendly ways to boost your detergent’s cleansing power and soften water in hard water areas, helping to preserve the original look and feel of your cloths.

How should I dry my CloudCloth? Can I use a tumble drier?

CloudCloth dries super quick, so in most instances line drying is fine. Alternatively, you can tumble dry. It may cause slight shrinkage, but in hard water areas it will help to soften and raise the nap on the fluffy side. We sized the CloudCloth to accomodate shrinkage.