Sustainability Road Map


Reducing the burden of disposables on the environment.

Creating a viable re-usable alternative to throw away cleansing consumables such as wipes and cotton wool.
9.3 million wipes are flushed down the loo each year, make-up wipes are a big contribution to this problem (


Minimising environmental impact of CloudCloth® production and supply.

By manufacturing both our cloths and packaging in the UK, we reduce the carbon footprint of our product, whilst also supporting the British manufacturing economy.

The flagship 3 packs are recyclable and made from recycled card, printed using vegetable-based inks and produced using a carbon neutral process. The single packs and seven pack paper are made from fully recyclable card.

In 2024 we launched our 'minimal packaging' which offers savings for customers and the CloudCloths are simply wrapped in a single sheet of branded paper.


Making our cloths from responsibly sourced 100% organic cotton.

Moving our source fabric to responsibly sourced 100% organic cotton was an important milestone and one that we’re very proud to have achieved.


Making our sew-in labels from organic cotton

The new format will replace our existing woven damask label and ensure our cloths are even more natural and sustainable. We do prioritise cotton at the moment depending on availabilty at time of order. Our labels are made in Pembrokeshire.


Further reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing process and supply chain

Organic cotton is spun and woven into the loom-state cotton fabric that is shipped from South Asia to the UK for manufacture.

Once in the UK it is prepared for raising, brushing and trimming before being bathed and stretched to minimise shrinkage and maximise absorbency. The finished CloudCloth fabric is inspected, rolled, cut, sewn and packed by our northern based heritage manufacturer who have been established within the Northern Textile scene since 1875 originally one of the only weavers in a spinning town.

We’d love to further our UK-based supply chain by weaving our base cotton in the UK.


Gaining consumer certification for CloudCloth®

Sourcing organic cotton to make our cloths was a challenging process. It was an important aspect of our sustainability road map and an achievement we’re proud of.

As part of our continued commitment to transparency, we’re working towards consumer certification for the organic origins of our cotton. This won’t change the high quality or fabric and ethical standards that we already adhere to, but it will be officially backed up by a recognised consumer body.