heritage. organic

in Britain

Why people love CloudCloth

Comforting, lightweight, gentle on skin. Easy to manoeuvre around the face. Soft, soothing one side and buffs gently on the other. Washable - re-use again and again. Organic cotton. Eco packaging. Part of a heritage story.

Made in Britain

When we discovered that CloudCloth was part of a heritage in British Skincare we immediately set to work to revive and develop the cloth.

eco developments
Never Stand Still

It takes alot of time, patience, effort and investment to develop and hone your product and brand.

We have taken our time to develop our ideas carefully over time and building our brand meant we could commit to having CloudCloth made using Organic Cotton.

It took five packaging amendments to achieve our flagship eco packaging. Our eco packs were developed with ideas around a simple asthetic with strong eco credentials.

A letterpress process is carried out by a hand operated Heidelberg press to create the unique imprint on the front.

Carbon neutral, printed on 100% recycled off white card using vegetable based inks and solar power.

One of our next goals is to source an organic woven label - something that appears to be very difficult to source (if you can supply these please do get in touch at - you'll have an order pronto!)

Where we work
The CloudCloth Studio

CloudCloth started out on a kitchen table three years ago, and last summer we moved into our renovated wooden cabin in a quiet corner of Lancashire.

Our CloudCloths arrive here from our manufacturers in Manchester to be folded, packed and shipped to customers far and wide.

We have a strong vision for CloudCloth and look forward to bringing our future plans to fruition.

I used one of your face cloths yesterday and found it very user friendly and my face felt lovely afterwards. I am going to give one to my daughter so she can try it out.

Diane Wait

Amazing cleansing cloths - takes off all your make up without the need of cleansing products! Great for the environment and amazing customer service too!

Irene Prashar

I've used cotton cloths before from a whole range of high end make-up companies, and CloudCloth is a far far superior product.

Ché Finch

OMG they are amazing! My skin feels super smooth without the harsh feeling of an exfoliator, I will certainly be buying more and spreading the word! 

Amelia Elizabeth Whybro