introducing cloudcloth®

The eco-Friendly cleansing cloth, made in britain

Kinder on your face and kinder to the planet, the CloudCloth® is the perfect sustainable upgrade to your beauty routine.

With our Money Back Guarantee.

Ditch Disposables and Save The Planet

how to double cleanse with cloudcloth®

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the dual-action cleansing cloth

One side of the CloudCloth® is super soft like cotton wool, perfect for removing make-up, masks and other skincare products.

Suitable for sensitive skin, comforting and soothing. The other side of the CloudCloth® buffs skin offering enhanced exfoliation. Skin feels refreshed, revived and more than just clean. Exfoliate gently twice a week.

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Caring for the planet

Cloudcloth® is kinder to the environment

CloudCloth® was born from a desire to change the way we do beauty and make it more sustainable. Washable and made from natural cloth, we also package them in 100% recyclable materials. We're doing what we can to reduce plastics use, what can you do?

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastics in Your Beauty Routine

A british success story

made in britain with ❤️

Nothing makes us prouder than to tell everybody we can that our eco-friendly cleansing cloths are made right here in Great Britain.

Supporting the local economy is another way we help to support our planet, reducing the carbon footprint of our CloudCloth®. How can you reduce your "beauty miles" and buy local?

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Caring for your CloudCloths

Machine Washable at 60

CloudCloths are easy to care for, just pop in the wash and leave to hang dry and you're ready to go again, and again.

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