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Welcome to a lighter facial cleansing routine

Lighter for you - our unique dual-sided texture doesn't absorb heavy amounts of your product.

Lighter on the environment - 100% cotton is reusable over and over again, and biodegrades when you're done. Compare that to the 1000s of makeup wipes you might use otherwise.

With our Money Back Guarantee.

Ditch Disposables and Save The Planet


CloudCloth® is part of a heritage of re-usable skincare, prevalent before the throw-aways were widely available. 

how to double cleanse with cloudcloth®

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Two skincare benefits

The double-sided construction has a dual purpose. Use the soft napped side to massage cleanser into skin, and the woven side to gently exfoliate.

We have purposefully designed CloudCloth® to be lightweight and thin in construction. This makes it easy to target specific areas, manoeuvre with precision and glide over the skin.

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Caring for the planet


CloudCloth® was born from a desire to change the way we do beauty and make it more sustainable.

Ensuring CloudCloth® is multi-use, rather than throw-away, reducing the amount of wipes and synthetic fibres found in our rivers and oceans.

Sourcing our product from UK-based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, reducing the carbon footprint within our supply chain. 

Manufacturing using more environmentally viable materials, such as recyclable packaging. We’re also working on making CloudCloth® using organic cotton in the future. 

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastics in Your Beauty Routine

A british success story

made in britain with ❤️

Nothing makes us prouder than to tell everybody we can that our eco-friendly cleansing cloths are made right here in Great Britain.

Supporting the local economy is another way we help to support our planet, reducing the carbon footprint of our CloudCloth®. How can you reduce your "beauty miles" and buy local?

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Caring for your CloudCloths

Machine Washable at 60

CloudCloths are easy to care for, just pop in the wash.

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