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Made in Britain

When we discovered that CloudCloth was part of a heritage in British Skincare we immediately set to work to revive it.

CloudCloth is loved by many and available in locations across the UK and more recently overseas in New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica and even on the Island of Nantucket.

CloudCloth was recently used by Marcello Costa's makeup team Team Costa for skinprep at their fashion week shows in Paris, New York and London.

Our Story

It was our founders persitance in sourcing a cloth that was able to cleanse sensitive skin without irritating it that led to the discovery of CloudCloth. Whilst suffering from a reactive form of urticaria, resulting in raised red welts on her skin, her usual granular exfoliants were suddenly out of the question and so quickly turned to an alternative of light muslin fabric to exfoliate.  Soon after attempts were made to see if any of the mills still operating in the UK were producing muslin. 

After being turned away from the handful of factories, there was one mill that presented a few options. One fabric in particular offered the perfect solution; it was a very soft, cloud-like fabric, almost like cotton wool, and the back of the cloth was woven like muslin.

The mill owner explained that this cloth had been used in skincare many moons ago, long before disposable wipes exploded onto the market. Women would keep this same cloth in small circular tins, usually impregnated with a cleansing solution, for quick and easy make-up removal. This was certainly an exciting discovery.

Our founder was given some samples to take home and soon found she couldn’t live without it, and it totally replaced the cotton wool rounds she had previously been using and that’s how CloudCloth was born. 

We are very proud to announce that our original goal of producing CloudCloth with organically sourced cotton has finally arrived.

Our customers ...

I've used cotton cloths before from a whole range of high end make-up companies, and CloudCloth is a far far superior product.

Ché Finch

Amazing cleansing cloths - takes off all your make up without the need of cleansing products! Great for the environment and amazing customer service too!

Irene Prashar

OMG they are amazing! My skin feels super smooth without the harsh feeling of an exfoliator, I will certainly be buying more and spreading the word! 

Amelia Elizabeth Whybro

CloudCloth® is now made using organic cotton - the facial cleansing cloth with two unique sides. A soft napped side for cleansing the other woven to help gently buff and refresh skin. CloudCloth is both washable and reusable.

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