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This cloth has put a stop to my laid-back attitude to skincare. My skin is much fresher since using; the exfoliating side is the best when used with a cleanser.

Susan, Lancashire

A must have for any cleansing routine

Emma, Beauty Folio

Cloud Cloths provide you with a deep cleanse like no other and allow the skin better absorption from your products.

Jeanette, The Skin Geek Spa

Put eye make-up remover on the soft side (usually use a cotton pad), removed all my eye make-up no problem. Used other side for my second cleanse. Products all rinsed off the cloth no problem. My face felt clean! Impressed.

J.H, Beauty Expert

Love this cloth! My skin absorbs my moisturiser much better than before and foundation seems to settle better on my face. Don't think I will go back to cotton pads. 

Eileen, Retired Nursery Nurse

One session of the rougher side and my skin was radiant, flake free and smooth again. In fact, it glowed. My skin is looking amazing of late. I would really recommend these cloths and I can see me ordering some more in the future!

Emma, UK

Hello, just used your cloths for the first time - I can already feel a difference in my skin when putting moisturiser on

Michelle O'Rourke, Lancashire

Cloud Cloth has transformed my cleansing routine. The lovely soft side makes easy work of removing my make-up and the exfoliating side leaves my skin feeling refreshed. No more cotton pads for me! My skin is left perfectly cleansed after use. 

Michelle Naylor, UK
cloud cloth is kind to your face and the environment

Happy skin, happy purse, happy planet...

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Two sides... Two steps...

We recommend a simple two-step cleanse process
(rinse your CloudCloth in warm water before use):

Apply your cleanser as normal and wipe with soft cotton side to remove make-up.

Repeat process with the exfoliating side of your cloth and buff gently.

Your skin will feel revived, radiant and perfectly prepped to get the best from your moisturiser.

With continued use you can expect bright, hydrated skin!


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