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Made in Britain

When we discovered that CloudCloth was part of a heritage in British Skincare we immediately set to work to revive it.

CloudCloth is loved by many and available in locations across the UK and more recently overseas in New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica and even on the Island of Nantucket.

CloudCloth was recently used by Marcello Costa's makeup team Team Costa for skinprep at their fashion week shows in Paris, New York and London.

CloudCloth® is now made using organic cotton - the facial cleansing cloth with two unique sides. A soft napped side for cleansing the other woven to help gently buff and refresh skin. CloudCloth is both washable and reusable.

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Our Story

CloudCloth® is a skincare brand focused on improving the efficacy of fabric cleansing cloths, whilst also reducing the use of throw-aways. Suitable for all skin types and made from fine quality 100% cotton, our cloths have been created to form part of the everyday skincare routine, even for sensitive or challenging skin.

Founded in the Lancashire countryside in 2017, we make reusable skin cloths for professional and consumer use. Since first establishing the business, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering high quality skincare for all skin types, whilst also, wherever possible, lessening the impact on our environment.

Our organic cotton cloths were developed in partnership with a textile manufacturer based in Manchester, who have a long textiles heritage.

“CloudCloth® really came about by chance. I was looking to develop a small business from home after
my youngest son had settled into school. At the same time, I had started to suffer with a reactive form of urticaria, resulting in raised red skin welts that were uncomfortable to cleanse using traditional skincare products. A friend suggested moving from granular exfoliants to muslin cloths. I soon realised there was an opportunity to source suitable cleansing cloths through a local UK manufacturer. We were presented with a cloth that had a heritage in skincare long before wipes came to the market, that's how CloudCloth® came to be. We were really excited to have the opportunity to bring this back, only this time as a reusable option”
Catherine, CloudCloth Founder

Sourcing both the product and packaging in the UK is a major part of keeping the supply chain as carbon friendly as possible. As well as reducing the environmental impact within our products, the cloths are packed in craft letterpress pouches made using a carbon-neutral process; printed with vegetable inks on 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and produced using on-site solar power.

Today, CloudCloth® facial wipes are used by skincare professionals, beauty artists and spas, as well as enjoyed by our customers in the UK, US and Europe. Our cloths can be purchased through retailers and online stores, as well as directly from our website.

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Our customers ...

I've used cotton cloths before from a whole range of high end make-up companies, and CloudCloth is a far far superior product.

Ché Finch

Amazing cleansing cloths - takes off all your make up without the need of cleansing products! Great for the environment and amazing customer service too!

Irene Prashar

OMG they are amazing! My skin feels super smooth without the harsh feeling of an exfoliator, I will certainly be buying more and spreading the word! 

Amelia Elizabeth Whybro

Dual Purpose

The double-sided construction of our cloths has a dual purpose. The soft napped side is used to massage cleanser into skin, and the woven side to gently exfoliate. The woven structure provides gentle exfoliating action.  It is also great to glide over the surface of the face and neck as a comforting post-cleanse wipe.