Our Story

Back in the spring of 2017, we came across a sample of cotton cloth at a textile manufacturer in Greater Manchester. Originally designed for medical dressings, this cloth proved to be incredibly versatile.

It's soft, fluffy cotton wool texture made it a favorite for a popular innovative skincare cleansing brand in the 1940s and 50s.

Please read on to learn more about how CloudCloth came to be what it is today...

"I started looking for a gentle face cloth because my skin began reacting to everything. I used to love using a granular exfoliant every few days, but my skin started looking scratched, sore, and red. Even the slightest touch left a red mark. My GP diagnosed it as a form of urticaria and prescribed antihistamines. This got me thinking about using textiles for skincare. Now, seven years later, seeing our progress and the satisfaction of our customers keeps me motivated. I have plenty of ideas for developing the brand further, and I'm excited about what the future holds for CloudCloth." Catherine Parker, Founder.
At the very beginning samples were gathered to review and test from very loose weaves of cheese cloth…to a kind of looped cotton poly mix to different weaves of musling, towelling flannel. The search went on.
Most of the initial textile samples were from factories overseas. Having grown up in a northern mill town, I wondered if maybe there were any textile manufacturers closer to home that would be willing to work with a start up...
After many phone calls, and lots of helpful advice there was one factory that agreed to a meeting...
Originally a cotton weaver in a spinning town with a heritage dating back to 1875, at the initial meeting we were shown a selection of different cloths suitable for the skin. One cloth, initially developed for medical dressings, was also used by a popular British skincare brand in the 1950s for an innovative cleansing product. This super soft, fluffy cotton cloth quickly caught our attention. After testing it ourselves, we immediately recognised the benefits for both skin and the environment. The super soft side was soothing and gentle, while the woven side provided a unique exfoliation experience different from traditional muslin cloths. It also replaced the need for disposables like cotton wool and wipes.
And so, CloudCloth® was born. Months after our search began, we went into production, and sales started to grow, fuelled by feedback from many happy customers. Seven years later, we've continued to work with our manufacturer to improve the cloth. Our proudest achievement was switching to responsibly sourced organic cotton in 2019. We also made slight adjustments to the weave and brushing, and included trimming in the final process. You can learn more about our eco-friendly practices by checking out our Sustainability Road Map in the menu.