Our Story


It all began in the Spring of 2017 and the discovery of a piece of cloth in Greater Manchester; once used in skincare many moons ago.

A forgotten heritage, a revelation, a cloth that was discovered - by chance. Since we put our faith in this humble piece of cloth, we have not stopped thinking of ways to improve. To bring something back from the past that was important to us has been key to our journey after it all began in Spring 2017.
searching for answers
CloudCloth® was discovered by chance by our founder whilst suffering from a reactive form of urticaria.

No longer able to use regular granular exfoliants, she tried muslin as an alternative way of exfoliating.

Catherine decided to see if there were any old british textile mills still operating to see if a quality cotton cloth could be made in the UK.

Thinking outside the box, reaching for the blue sky, looking backwards, forwards, up and down, left and right.

searching for answers
Cloths of all kinds

Catherine kept a record of everything she found in a folder, along with boxes bulging with fabric samples.

The search went far and wide…from the very loose weaves of cheese cloth…to a kind of looped cotton poly mix…(we thought)...then different weaves of standard muslin…traditional muslin...toweling flannel.

And the search went on. And on.

What if there’s a mill still standing today, right here in the UK?

Having grown up in a Lancashire cotton town. Her grandparents worked in the mills; her granddad as a loom overlooker and her nan as a machinist and inspector.

Maybe the answer is closer to home than we thought?

It was time to start searching...

We kept asking...and hoping...and asking...and hoping...until...!

One factory offered a glimmer of hope; a sixth-generation manufacturer founded in the late 18th century...

Originally a cotton weaver in a spinning town, the factory had moved to more modern premises a short drive from where the original stood.

After a couple of meetings, the owner presented a a soft cotton cloth. He explained the story behind it's use in British skincare many moons ago.

We touched the cloth. We handled the cloth.


It was what we had been looking for all along!

- raised on one side to provide gentle skin cleansing.

- woven on the other side, offering gentle exfoliation.

The uncovering of a forgotten heritage
A British skincare story re-discovered; a narrative paused when engineered, nonwoven fibres came to be...

The original mid-century cotton cloth that we found used to be cut into little rounds and soaked in cleansing solution. Packed into tins, they were disposable. These paved the way for the modern-day convenience wipes.

But unlike modern throw-aways, these little cloths in their cute tins were biodegradable.

We aren’t pointing fingers. Demand for convenience was growing. New products were developed for ambitious baby boomers.

Dream a little dream
And so, CloudCloth® was born.

Months after the search began, CloudCloth® went into production and sales started to grow.

We believe in happenstance.

Everything happens for a reason.

We strive to improve every day.

We never stand still

Refined structure

In 2018 CloudCloth® moved to a slightly different woven structure, delivering a cloth with a gentler, finer weave and more maneuverability. This allowed for improved skin contact and control. The finer cloth structure also absorbs less lotions and liquids, minimising wasted skincare product.

Organic cotton

2020 saw the launch of CloudCloth® organic. Delivering the same specially developed structure, but with organic cotton, this is our most sustainable cloth yet!

Sustainable packaging

Our cloths are packaged in craft letterpress pouches made using a carbon-neutral process. Printed with vegetable inks on 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard they're produced using on-site solar power.

CloudCloth® Road Map

Sustainability is a word central to CloudCloth®. It has been our aim from the very beginning to make a sustainable enterprise in every aspect of our business.

We’re passionate about making our product and processes as sustainable as possible. It’s not always been easy or straight forward to achieve our sustainable aims and objectives.

Here at CloudCloth® we’ve realised that it’s the long game that’s important and that’s what we’re steadfastly focused on.

In other words, it’s not possible to do everything as sustainably as we’d like right now, but we have clear objectives in view and that’s where we’re aiming every hour of every day.

Click the link below to find out where we stand on sustainability.