About CloudCloth

Since the start of the CloudCloth® journey in 2017, sustainability has been at the centre. As much as I was searching for something to improve my skin and skincare routine in a gentle and kind way, I wanted to be able to do it in a way that was gentle and kind to our environment too. For me, this was a non-negotiable and it is why, over the years, we have maintained our commitment to developing a product that has stayed true to that. 

We are firmly committed to the long-term. Our visionary outlook encompasses cotton cultivation in cooler climates; experimenting with growing cotton in Lancashire is aiding us in gaining a deeper understanding of this process. Our very first cotton appeared this November 23' a milestone achievement on the 534th day since first planting the seeds. 

Our objectives revolve around continual enhancements for CloudCloth; working closely with our manufacturers to source 100% organic cotton in 2019 and refining manufacturing techniques to ensure the cloths are softer and more durable; our last update in January 2023.  We are committed to ensuring our customers receive a considered well made product that serves as a natural biodegradable reusable alternative to wipes and disposables.

Sourcing locally is important to us, #thatswhy CloudCloths are made in Greater Manchester and finished in Lancashire. The labels are made in Pembrokeshire and the flagship letter pressed three pack is made in Brighton.