How do you wash your face?

How do you wash your face?

Face washing has been around for a while. From plants to soap to the advanced formulas and tools we see today, people have enjoyed giving their face a good old clean since forever. 

Though it’s true that skincare has come a long way and continues to evolve, there are practices that have stood the test of time. Like how in ancient Egypt cosmetics were also used as sun protection and oils were used to cleanse the skin, or how aloe vera was prominent during medieval times, or how saunas were commonplace during the baroque era.All of these show that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated and good things can be found in traditional methods. 

Produced by a sixth-generation manufacturer founded in the late 18th century and part of a long-forgotten piece of British skincare history, our CloudCloths are somewhat rooted in tradition as well. You can read the full story here. Though it was a long search to find the right cloth, ultimately we had to go backwards to go forwards. 

When we are trying to get the best out of our skincare, it’s easy to get caught up in using the most up to date treatments and latest techniques. Trust us, we completely understand. There is always room to explore, but you can do a lot of good for your skin with the simple yet dynamic duo of a reusable cloth and a creamy cleanser. Of course, it helps if your cloth has a little extra something as ours do - dual-purpose and double sided, the soft napped side can be used to wipe your face clean while the woven side gently exfoliates the skin’s surface leaving you with a lovely gentle glow. Reusable cloths are less abrasive than their disposable counterparts and skin gets a more thorough clean too. Not to mention you can completely tailor them to your needs by using just as much cleanser as you need, or using different products on different days, a level of flexibility that ‘pre-packaged’ skincare does not cater for. 

You know something else that really helps? Routine and ritual, veterans in helping to improve our skincare and our lives. We know we talk about this quite a bit and that’s because we think they can be really powerful. As with ancient skincare remedies, there’s a reason they’ve been around for a long time. One of our routines is making sure we remove makeup before bed. We keep one stack of cloths to remove and a separate set for the cleansing part of our routine, which really helps with making sure we’ve properly cleansed too. If you need a little inspiration, do like Alexis Foreman and create an indulgent evening routine, or have a look at this beautiful set up by Heart Grown Wild

Take a little bit of the old and mix it with a little bit of the new, adapt to your needs and find what works best for you, that’s what it’s all about. A well-rounded philosophy and approach that we think will serve you well.

We’d love to know - how do you wash your face? Do you stick with the tried and true or are you always on the lookout for an exciting new technique? If you use our cloths, do you have a favourite cleanser to go with it? 

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