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CloudCloth Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Cloths (7pck)

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  • The Original CloudCloth® made with responsibly sourced 100% organic cotton.
  • Dual action face cloth, perfect cleansing routine essential AM or PM.
  • Super soft fluffy cotton one side, woven for a gentle exfoliation on the other.
  • Glides gently on skin without drag or pull, removing make-up and skincare with ease.
  • Hang tag for easy drying.
  • Reusable alternative to face wipes and other cleansing disposables.
  • CloudCloths are sewn in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Hanging tag label is made in Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom.
  • A lovely gifting idea, something practical that can be used many, many times.
  • Enjoy Next Day Delivery for only £2 - we cover half the shipping cost.

CloudCloth Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Cloths (7pck)
CloudCloth Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Cloths (7pck)
CloudCloth Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Cloths (7pck)


I just wanted to follow up
to say how much I love the cloths already - they arrived yesterday. The two textures are great and I love the hair band - a nice touch! The packaging and instructions are also super fresh, clean and stylish.

D.J - UK

I absolutely love CloudCloth!

F.F - UK

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! I love them already. The best organic cloths I have found out of three other brands. Even the packaging is wonderful. Keep it up!

S.K - UK

The Cloud Cloths are here and I’m so glad to have found them. Love the story of how you developed them too. Thanks so much.

S.B - UK

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