We believe in steady growth here at CloudCloth® and take a careful approach as to how we promote our brand.

Helping consumers find our product, particularly those interested in skincare improvement and sustainability, is central to our communications. As such, working with a small number of trusted collaborators when we have something important to share about our product, is the way we like to do things. You will occasionally see us pop up on ads across social media channels as a very small part of our promotional activity.

Authenticity is one of the pillars of our brand ethos. We absolutely love hearing from people who are passionate about skincare, and if you write a blog we’d love to hear from you. We allocate a number of free samples each month for collaborators to trial our product for the purpose of getting honest, first-hand feedback, without obligation. By receiving a sample, you would be under no duty to write anything about CloudCloth® and we would in no way control the content you put out about us, or our product. If you did decide to include us in your blog content, we would simply ask you to assign your review with the word ‘gifted’ to ensure transparency within the CloudCloth® community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing collaborators and welcome new partners on board.