Why do face cloths get slimy?

A simple laundry routine will mean your face cloths remain fresh, clean and ready for your next cleanse.

Face cloths can become slimy due to the buildup of bacteria, soap residue, and dead skin cells over time. Proper daily cleaning and drying techniques, such as washing with hot water and detergent and allowing the cloth to dry completely between uses, will prevent sliminess and maintain optimal hygiene.

Build up a collection of face cloths to help make sure you have enough to rotate through the week while the others are in your weekly wash.  'How Many Face Cloths Should I Own?'  is a helpful guide on the optimum number of face cloths required for a good routine.

Having a folded pile of fresh face cloths within easy reach near the sink or by the shower will help motivate you to keep a good routine going. Wash your face cloths along with your weekly towel wash and you'll always have fresh clean face cloths to use too. 

TOP TIP: Invest in a string shopper bag (go for a white one - to prevent any dye coming off onto your wet cloths) and hang it in the bathroom so that you can just throw your used damp cloths in after use. Make sure you give the cloth a good ring out after use too, this way they will dry out quickly too. They are so handy as they keep them seperate from other laundry items which prevents them from becoming damp too.  The bag also serves as a reminder to pop them in your weekly towel wash each week ready for the next one.