Nine reasons why we think cotton is the best choice when it comes to face cloths…

Not all fabrics offer the same advantages when it comes to skincare and cleansing, we delve in to nine very good reasons for choosing cotton for your next face cloth.

  1. Durable to withstanding many wash cycles.

  2. High absorbency for removing product and make-up to prevent leaving residue on the skin.

  3. Natural so less likely to irritate.

  4. If organic (cloudcloth is) no pesticides used in growing processes and better responsible choices through the supply chain.

  5. Breathable so helps to dry off quickly preventing odours and any bacteria growth - we do advise the importance of drying off in a string bag and wash after every use.

  6. Easy to clean, machine washable and easily maintained.

  7. Sustainable, cotton naturally biodegrades leaving no waste in landfill.

  8. Cost effective over time, you don’t have to keep repurchasing disposables like cotton wool, wipes etc.

  9. Versatile, can be woven in different textures to suit a specific need/use. CloudCloth has a soft fluffy side that replicates cotton wool, for soft gentle cleansing and makeup removal, and a woven side for when you need to exfoliate the areas that need it.