Spring in our step

Spring in our step

Who else is happy to see the return of spring? We most certainly are. The colder months can feel like pressing pause and it’s so nice to be slowly coming out of that kind of hibernation period and move back into the light of spring/summer. When the disorientation of changing clocks passes and we experience that first lighter evening where the sun stays out that tiny bit longer we are reminded of what is to come.

Spending more time outside - breathe fresh air, see plants coming back to life and, if you’re lucky, animals too. Watching all the beautiful colours return to nature in flowers, leaves and grass is incredibly restorative and, quite honestly, magical. Going for a walk or a run or a hike or a cycle and soaking in the sun’s rays.

Dinners al fresco - carrying on the theme of time outside, there’s something extra special about an outdoor dining situation, don’t you think?

Days are longer - we can allow ourselves to slow down a bit because there isn’t the pressure of squeezing in every activity during daylight hours as there are plenty. When it’s still light after you finish work it can feel like you’ve reclaimed part of your day too.

Seasonal foods - an opportunity to put salads back on the menu and try out some new recipes. We’re entering the season of so many delicious fresh foods like asparagus, peas, radishes, courgettes and, the highlight, strawberries. April is a good time to plant strawberries for summer. If you’re short on outdoor space they do grow well indoors too.

Refresh your living space - for many of us spring signals the opportunity to give our home a reset and deep clean, giving our minds a chance to reset too. If you’re not one for doing this usually, we recommend giving it a try. A quick lesson from Marie Kondo is all you need for motivation.

Skincare -  think exfoliation, lighter moisturisers and SPF. As the weather warms up our skin can handle exfoliation better, but keep it sparse, once or twice a week is enough. Our skin becomes more oily in warmer weather, so exfoliating helps to keep skin feeling fresh and lighter moisturisers will likely feel more comfortable. We mustn’t forget about SPF, especially as we find ourselves outdoors much more.

Open windows - not only will it get some fresh air flowing through, you will also be able to hear the birds chirping. Be sure to open those curtains as well.

Drying washing outside - there are few better things than the smell of clean laundry dried in the fresh air. It will dry even faster in the warmer weather too. Remember to run a damp cloth over your line before you hang your first wash.

What’s even more special about all of these things is that many of them are conducive to feeling better overall. There is a good reason why many of us feel so much more motivated to do things once this time of year rolls around. 

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