wide brimmed straw hat lay on grass with black ribbon trailing

Hold on to your hat

At this time of year, you cannot keep us indoors. The summer sunshine, fresh air and patches of green grass call our name and it’s easy to find an excuse to leave the house. We constantly daydream of picnics, jaunts to the seaside and generally soaking in all of the joy that summertime has to offer. Maybe you feel the same, or maybe you’re someone that enjoys the outdoors all year round. Either way, though we strongly advocate for more time outside as it definitely boosts our overall well-being, we also need to take care that we are protecting our skin from the elements.

We hope it goes without saying that you should be applying SPF daily. The fun bit comes with accessorising your sun protection with a great hat. We find that wearing a hat helps to step up on sun protection, but also reduces heat inducing headaches, which is a huge plus. 

If you’re in the market for a new piece to add to your collection, here are some we’ve found recently:

Pachacuti offers a lovely selection and you can even design your own bespoke hat.

We love the charm of this crumpled-looking woven sun hat available at From The Source. 

There is something old-school glamorous about this style of visor, don’t you think? It transports us to somewhere on the water, sipping a glass of something cool and generally feeling rather fabulous. 

In a slightly similar (in that it’s a woven visor), but more sporty style, is this one from Free People. You can get it in other colours too, which is great for matching to your wardrobe. 

If you want something practical or more suited to a summer-in-the-city situation, you could try out this organic cotton cap, which is available in a few block colours. 

We hope these have piqued your interest, or at least sparked some ideas on how you can add hats into your summer look, or created excitement for the few months ahead.

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