Growing a Cotton Plant

Growing a Cotton Plant

We do not need to be convinced of how powerful and remarkable nature is. We see it every day outside our cabin window, on our long walks through fields and on our trips to the coast looking out at the sea. It’s something that we value very much and find comfort in. The natural world is awe-inspiring, yet its beauty is often achieved in such a quiet way. We can always learn something from our natural environments. 

With that in mind and with a desire to understand every facet of what goes into our cloths, and having stumbled on some vintage books about plants, we are trying our hand at growing a cotton plant. It sounds like such a simple joy to see a plant grow from seed to flower, but don’t you agree that it’s usually the simplest joys that are the best?

The seeds were planted at the end of May and are just about ready to go into separate pots now. We’ve been documenting the journey over on Instagram. If you’re not following us yet, come along (@cloud_cloth). There’s a highlight to show how it’s going too.

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