Be Gentle

Be Gentle

Something we pride ourselves on is the softness of our cloths; how gentle they are on the skin and how softly they cleanse without dragging or being too abrasive. As our name suggests, we wanted to create a cloth that was so soft it would feel like you were cleansing with a cloud. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, for many of us, finding products to use that are gentle on the skin is the ultimate aim in our skincare routine.

However, being gentle is not something we reserve only for skincare. This, along with kindness, patience and understanding, is ingrained in the CloudCloth brand and something we care deeply about. We extend these sentiments to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our customers, to anyone we may come across in our daily lives and, of course, to the environment too. It doesn’t take much to be kind and a little of it goes a very long way.

At this time of year it can be easy to forget. Everything feels a little bit chaotic, our to-do lists never ending, lots of events to attend, and so on. It is at these points that it is the most important to look for ways to be more gentle, be more kind. Remember to give yourself a moment to catch your breath if you need it. Remember that everyone is doing their best and to have a little patience. And if you do feel completely overwhelmed or this is not your favourite time in the year, remember that is ok too. 

You would think twice about using a product that was not gentle on your skin. If you can apply that same way of thinking beyond skincare, we are hopeful that you will feel all the better for it.

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