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Curate your CloudCloths - Minimal Packaging (choose from 7-14 CloudCloths)

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Choose the number of CloudCloths you would like 7-14

Discover flexibility with savings upto 22% with our minimally packaged CloudCloths.

Ultra-soft, reusable skincare cloths offering exceptional versatility for your everyday needs, now available without any additional packaging. Embrace sustainability while enjoying the premium quality of our CloudCloths. 

Our minimal packaged CloudCloths offer an eco-friendly solution without compromising on quality. Make the sustainable choice for your daily routines today

Your CloudCloths will be wrapped neatly in branded sheet paper for a pleasant shopping experience.

Curate your CloudCloths - Minimal Packaging (choose from 7-14 CloudCloths)


I just wanted to follow up
to say how much I love the cloths already - they arrived yesterday. The two textures are great and I love the hair band - a nice touch! The packaging and instructions are also super fresh, clean and stylish.

D.J - UK

I absolutely love CloudCloth!

F.F - UK

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery! I love them already. The best organic cloths I have found out of three other brands. Even the packaging is wonderful. Keep it up!

S.K - UK

The Cloud Cloths are here and I’m so glad to have found them. Love the story of how you developed them too. Thanks so much.

S.B - UK

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