Spreading a little Christmas Calm...

Spreading a little Christmas Calm...

If like me you’ll be spending your Christmas “break” alternating between waiting on a selection of kids, parents, relatives & pets and hiding in the kitchen drinking wine from the fridge/ eating chocolate in a cupboard (ho ho ho ;), then you need our calming CloudCloth Christmas Skincare Tips...

Slow things down at bedtime and enjoy a much-needed Spa cleanse with this two-step process.

Rinse your CloudCloth in warm water while you apply your cleanser, then use the soft side to remove make-up.

Repeat with the exfoliating side to gently buff and revive.

Skin is perfectly clean and prepped to get the very best from serums and moisturisers.
(Which you’ll need to repair the effects of excessive mulled wine and mince pie consumption.)

... And breathe...

Here’s a little early Christmas pressie from us - get 10% off all CloudCloth purchases with code MINCEPIE right up to Christmas.

Perfect for stocking up or stocking fillers.

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