Skin Food Series...

Skin Food Series...

Let’s talk about wrinkles ladies. More specifically, let’s talk about preventing them. (Hooray!)

Did you know that a single serving of Greek Yoghurt every day can help your skin become firmer, smoothing out those fine lines? Actually any dairy helps because the magic’s in the protein, but Greek Yoghurt often has double the protein content of normal yoghurt.

Try it with berries, nuts and a couple of
tablespoons of oatbran for a fibre-tastic,
super-skin boosting bircher breakfast that will
take you happily through until lunchtime. Or biscuit time (any excuse).

Then top off your blissful morning routine with a quick spa cleanse using your favourite luxury cleanser and our super-soft hero, CloudCloth. For a limited time, get 10% off your first purchase using the code SKINFOOD.

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