Q&A with Ingrid Raphael, Medical Aesthetician & Cosmetician

Described as “North London’s best kept beauty secret” by TimeOut, Ingrid is a medical aesthetician and cosmetician whose North London Salon offers a welcome sanctuary for her clients to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of London life.

Her passion for all things beauty has seen her build an excellent reputation and a loyal following from all over London. Ingrid’s philosophy is that everyone’s skin is unique, and she tailors bespoke beauty experiences designed to maximise wellbeing and deliver amazing results.

Ingrid personally sources all her products, and we are delighted to say that she loves CloudCloth and will be introducing them to her salon in new New Year.  

We caught up with her recently for some advice on how best to use your CloudCloth to get spa-perfect skin in your own home...

“Ingrid doesn’t advertise and keeps a low profile on social media. Why so in demand? Simple. She gives the best facial in town.”

Time Out London, 14 July 2017

Q. So firstly, thanks for trying out our CloudCloths - we hope you like them!

CloudCloths are my favourite find of 2017! They remove skincare products without any faff.

When the skin needs a pick me up I simply use the textured side for luminosity, or on days when the skin needs some TLC, I envelop it in the soft cottony side, like a blanket of comfort.

Q. As you know, the concept for CloudCloth came from my issues with dermatographia - what advice would you give to clients who have sensitive skin?

A nice ritual is to run the shower hot - make a sauna-like environment in the bathroom. In the meantime (on clean skin) massage your cleanser of choice well into the skin.

Turn the shower water to lukewarm, jump in and use your CloudCloth under the shower to remove the cleanser.

Rinse the cloth as clean as possible and then, when out of the shower, rinse it under cold water and gently press against skin to cool, soothe and prepare the skin for the rest of your regime.

Q. Obviously, we’re big on hot cloth cleansing here at CloudCloth - have you got any tips for our customers?

CloudCloths are perfect for removing cleanser and masks - I’m going to use them for an emulsifier free cleanser and an enzyme treatment to replace the microfibre mitts I use now, I think clients will receive them well.

For a home treatment, apply your product to clean skin, then soak your CloudCloth in lukewarm water. (If using a balm, you need the water to be warmer to melt the oils.)

Remove using circular movements, and the cloth will gently buff even the most sensitive skin.

Finish by rinsing the CloudCloth in cold water and gently pressing against the skin to cool, soothe and prepare for the rest of your regime.

"CloudCloths are my favourite find of 2017... When the skin needs a pick me up, I simply use the textured side for luminosity - or on days when the skin needs some TLC, I envelop it in the soft cottony side, like a blanket of comfort.”

Ingrid Raphael

Q. Would you use a clean cloth every time you cleanse?

Yes, it defeats the purpose to use a dirty cloth to clean your skin. I’d suggest building up a small stock, not too many but just enough so you can pop them in the washing machine and have clean CloudCloths ready when you need them.

Then life is simpler and the skin is happier overall!

Q. And, finally your favourite skincare hack?

My favourite skincare hack is to massage skin- massage massage massage! It works wonders for a healthy glow by improving circulation (bringing oxygen to the area), lymphatic drainage as well as increase muscle tone. 

Thank you Ingrid, its been a pleasure chatting with you and we look forward to popping by soon for one of those fabulous enzyme treatments!

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