We all need a little bit of help to pull our stories together. Introducing #cloudclothstories

We all need a little bit of help to pull our stories together. Introducing #cloudclothstories

Since launching Cloud Cloth in early 2017, I've had amazing conversations with some seriously inspirational females. I've heard how women across the UK are chasing their goals with what seems to be an endless supply of positivity and confidence, despite the obstacles thrown their way...

All these conversations got me thinking: can Cloud Cloth help to share their stories?


I founded Cloud Cloth with the mission to encourage women to feel great, embrace their individuality and believe in their power to achieve any goal, no matter how wild or wonderful. Every woman should feel free to put her best face forward, every day.

There has also never been a more important time for females to have access to a friendly, supportive network. So, it's a natural step for Cloud Cloth to grow a community that nurtures this.

I now know there are hundreds of moving stories out there, and I am currently collecting a special selection of them with the aim of encouraging further meaningful connections.


Cloud Cloth Stories is an online initiative based on the beauty of storytelling and its potential to connect and inspire people.

We are looking for FIVE original stories to feature in this collaborative project. 

To be involved, write to me directly with a short summary of your story and goal at catherine@cloudcloth.co.uk including your name, contact details and any social media accounts you're happy to connect on.

There are real benefits to sharing your story in this project. You will get to collaborate with our resident writer Whitney, who will use her editorial magic to bring your special story to life.  You'll also connect with like-minded people and, as a representative of the Cloud Cloth brand, you'll enjoy more exposure and new opportunities may come your way as a result.

Each story featured in #cloudclothstories can also call-out to our community to link up with relevant connections who might help to achieve their goal.

Together we're stronger. Be one of the first women to help drive our mission forward.

I wish you all the best and in the meantime – I can't wait to hear what drives you!

Catherine x

Cloud Cloth Founder & Skincare Enthusiast

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