If you’ve had acne, maybe you can relate?

If you’ve had acne, maybe you can relate?

Last week we noticed a post pop on our instagram feed from Sarah @sarah_skinstory that offered a really interesting perspective on how we can develop negative associations with make-up. Sarah's IG feed details her skincare journey managing acne, clear-skin inspiration and offers brilliant advice on staying skin positive!

Here, Sarah shares her thoughts on how make-up became a chore and how she turned those negative thoughts around. 

If you’ve had acne, maybe you can relate?

Make-up became a chore, something I felt MUST be done, part of my usual routine like brushing my teeth. It started to make me feel guilty. I felt like I was “fake” and if anyone ever complimented me I would automatically reply with “oh I’m wearing makeup”, like that somehow made me less. Without it, I felt ugly.

To tell you the truth, I really started to resent it because I would feel gross in the summer under layers of foundation and taking it off was the very first thing I’d do when I got home. Sometimes before taking off my shoes…Does anyone else do this?!

I’ve started to think differently.This week my skin has been a bit MEH, nothing that can’t be fixed, but it’s meant I’ve been eyeing up my old foundation. Since finishing a course of roaccutane 2 years ago I’ve barely worn it. This time, I’m going to wear it because I want to, not because I’m bound to it and not because I feel worthless without it. I’m going to enjoy every part of it, from applying it, to feeling great in it … and even taking it off! It should be a treat, not a chore.

My favourite way to do this is finding what you love. I invest in my products and spend time choosing what works for me, instead of a mad rush to Boots because I’ve run out of concealer and I just need a replacement fast! This is also the same for my skincare, I love my cleansing and exfoliating routine and I now associate it with my favourite part of the day, relaxing in a hot bath with a good book in one hand… and sometimes a drink in the other ;)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sarah. If you can relate, please do share your comments below we'd love to hear from you!

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