Hot Stuff - The Perfect Hot Cloth Cleanse Routine

Hot Stuff - The Perfect Hot Cloth Cleanse Routine

Our core mission here at Cloud Cloth is to help you, our lovely customers, uncover your best skin and put your best face forward every day.

And for healthy, radiant skin, regular hot cloth cleansing is a beauty must. Why? Because, for something so simple, it’s amazingly effective.

No cotton pad or wipe in the world will remove all traces of make up and grime so completely, let alone buff away dead cells and create the perfect base to let moisturisers and serums do their thing.

Double or Nothing...

The CloudCloth was designed for double cleansing.

One side is super-soft for soothing make-up removal and gentle enough to use even on the delicate skin around your eyes. The other exfoliates and buffs away dead cells to leave your skin revitalised.

"CloudCloths are my favourite find of 2017... When the skin needs a pick me up, I simply use the textured side for luminosity - or on days when the skin needs some TLC, I envelop it in the soft cottony side, like a blanket of comfort.”

Ingrid Raphael, medical aesthetician & cosmetician

 This is our perfect 2-step routine, the CloudCloth route to fabulous skin!

Step One - A Hot Mess...

I used to think you used hot, hot water - as hot as you could stand - to open pores, but that way lies blotching and discomfort... the trick is to have the water comfortably hot, just north of warm.

Take your favourite cleanser and a little water and massage lightly into your skin with your fingertips to dissolve your make-up. Avoid dragging the skin, especially around the eye area.

Keep going until your face is a hot mess of mascara and make-up - then use the soft side of the CloudCloth to remove the lot!

Step Two - Clean and Clear...

Next, reapply your cleanser, and use a fresh clean Cloth for this next part, rinse in clean 'just north of' warm water and lay over the skin for 2/3 deep breaths to open your pores and let your product get to work.

If you’ve got a little time on your hands, why not up the ante by incorporating a facial massage?

This “How to” from the fabulous* features Skin Supremo Eve Lom’s 7 Step technique for a better complexion, helping improve blood circulation, tone facial muscles and eliminate toxins.  (Author: LibertyStoreTV, 1 Sep 2009. “Eve Lom’s 7 Step Massage”. Retrieved from YouTube)

Finally, remove all remaining traces of dirt and grime with the muslin side of the CloudCloth and rinse with cool water and end by gently pressing the soft side of cloth against the skin. 

Your skin is perfectly prepped to soak up your moisturiser or serum - no separate exfoliator required!

Pop the CloudCloth in the wash, and it will be ready to go again and again. Not a wipe or a cotton pad in sight.

CloudCloth. Your best skin, responsibly.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

With Love from CloudCloth xx

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