CloudCloth Update

CloudCloth Update

We find ourselves in a fluctuating landscape, both professionally and personally, as the world emerges from recent events. Many lives have been changed forever, attitudes shifted, thoughts provoked.

As a growing start-up brand with ambitions to scale and develop, it’s important to us to retain what we hold dear. Being proud of how we do business, treat our customers and suppliers, colleagues and supporters, is a deep-rooted commitment to our future.

These past few days and weeks, we’ve been reminded to re-visit, question and affirm our beliefs and the sentiment on which CloudCloth was founded. It’s helped us to re-address our policies and be mindful of our impact on the world every day, week, month, year. And we hope it helps you to understand the kind of business we are (and want to become) as we share them here today.

At CloudCloth, as individuals and working together in business, we aspire to:

Live and work in a more equal world
Balance ego and altruism
Educate ourselves, even if it makes us feel uncomfortable or question what we thought we already knew
Take action to contribute to positive change, however small our contribution might be

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