A little update from CloudCloth

A little update from CloudCloth

We have been away for a little while to enjoy a mindful break from social media, and to reassess what CloudCloth represents. We may have been quiet, but we haven’t been dormant; positive changes have been made over the past few months, and we’re excited to share these with you now. We’re not interested in ‘newness’ for the sake of it, but we are interested in evolution: the continuous refinement of our products and practices to maintain our core values and integrity. Our ethos is, as it always has been, very firmly fixed on the future. But we recognise that CloudCloth is also part of a reawakening heritage of reusable skincare, prevalent before the wastefulness of throwaway consumerism.

This heritage is woven throughout our story, so before you discover what’s new, remember that our cloths are old souls. They are created by a cotton mill in Manchester which dates back to the late 1800s, and which, by the turn of the twentieth century, was the only surviving cotton mill in Lancashire. We are immensely proud to be working with them.

Our recent musings have led us to adjust our brand focus overall. Namely, are we even a brand? We don’t particularly like the word, with its connotations of shiny commerciality and the ownership of the branding iron. Perhaps we are more of a ‘company’, in every sense of the word. CloudCloth is a business, of course, but ‘company’ also refers to the state of being with people. Good company is something you enjoy, and keeping someone company is an act of sharing space and time. It means a community, and a community is certainly how we’d describe our customers and followers. We strive to always bring value to this group of people. That’s why we have decided to begin curating and sharing little thought pieces with you, on a whole kaleidoscope of topics, like an eclectic sweet shop full of thoughts and observations. These posts will start popping up over the coming months and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

We have also said goodbye to our beautiful translucent paper packs and said hello to a newer, more sustainable alternative. Why? Due to the delicate nature of the paper packs, we were losing over 10% of them due to damage and tearing. The waste was untenable to us. Our new packaging is carbon neutral, printed on 100% recycled stock using vegetable-based inks, and created via solar power! Please do send us a message if you have previously blogged about CloudCloth and would like to receive the new pack prior to official release. We will of course announce when they are available on the website!

We’ve covered past, present, so now to the future: what does 2020 hold for CloudCloth? We’re pleased to announce that the new year will see the fruition of one of our longest-held goals: the creation of organic CloudCloths. When we launched in 2017, we were told that organic cotton cloths weren’t viable until we had demonstrated a clear market demand, as the investment was too high for a start-up. Twelve months later, we had thoroughly proven this demand and we were given the green light to begin development. Keep an eye out in early 2020 for this exciting new addition.

In essence, our step back from social media has allowed us start crystallising what CloudCloth really stands for: true sustainability, mindful manufacturing, and nurturing a community that inspires us. It has renewed our vision as a company, and each step forward opens our eyes a little more.


  • Lynne Starkie

    Love CloudCloths and can’t wait to see the new packaging.

  • Carin Coombe

    Can’t wait to try the new super duper cloud cloth xxx

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